Rolf Åbjörnsson


Advokatfirman Rolf Åbjörnsson AB, Stockholm


Telephone: +46 (0) 10-101 00 60

Mobile: +46 (0) 730-25 11 11


I have been working with bankruptcy, business reconstructions and liquidations for over 40 years. Nowadays I only take assignments as senior consultant within insolvency law.

I was a member of parliament for eight years and four of them I was deputy chairman of the standing committee of Civil-Law. I have been working with law making concerning debt reconstructing, business reconstructing and corporate law.

Since last year I am the editor for “Insolvensrättslig Tidskrift” and I am also a member of the academy at Karlstad business school.

During ten years I was Chairman of the association of Insolvency practitioners in Sweden. I have also been a board member of INSOL Europe.

Since last year I am a member of  the board of “AB Svensk Företagsrekonstruktion ” which company is listed on the Stock exchange of NGM and working primarily with organic business reconstructing.