The Turnaround Management Association – Sweden (TMA Sweden) is a voluntary turnaround and corporate renewal association for purposes of:


TMA Sweden provides a networking infrastructure and events for turnaround professionals of all disciplines to meet, socialise, interact, communicate and contact each other.
Apart from social and educational events for meeting, the organisation provides electronic communication media in the form of a web site, discussion forums, newsletters, centralised emailing and personal contact information.


TMA Sweden serves as a clearinghouse of information and research pertinent to turnaround management and the turnaround industry, by capturing knowledge and distributing news, information, ideas and knowledge. To this end it publishes newsletters and blogs, and maintains a knowledge base on the web site.


TMA Sweden fosters professional development opportunities for turnaround professionals of all disciplines. It pursues improved methodologies and the raising standards of turnaround management, thereby enhancing the necessary competencies for successful practice.


TMA Sweden promotes the organisation and its members as professionals committed to the highest standards of practice. This include representation and lobbying with government regarding issues affecting its members such as new business rescue legislation.

Members Only Area

Members are able to access the full TMA Sweden membership listing giving full contact details and biographies of all TMA Sweden members. Upon membership, TMA Sweden members can upload their details to the worldwide TMA Membership database open to the public, increasing your exposure. In addition, Members are given access to the TMA global members only forum.