What is TMA Sweden?

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Interesting events coming up 2018:


  • During the spring 2018: TMA Sweden educates interim CFOs on turnarounds, in collaboration with some of the leading interim management firms in Sweden
  • Planned events for spring 2018:
    • "Security in tough situations – how to deal with threats in conjunction with corruption, embezzlement and plant closures"
    • "Next industry for a turnaround?"
    • Schemes in different jurisdictions – “Bahamas or Brazil? How scheme arrangements is turning into a business”.
    • Business Reorganization in Theory and Practice (Företagsrekonstruktion i Teori och Praktik) Göteborg - March 2018
    • Nobina case study - 13 March 2018
    • "Turnarounds in less than normal situations"
    • Traditional summer cocktails