TMA Dinner Series "Trends in finance" - 12 april

On 12 April, TMA Sweden held a dinner event with Magnus Lindquist of Cordet Capital as the invited speaker.  Magnus presented the very fascinating, and rapidly expanding, world of alternative financing (a.k.a. shadow banking).

Among other interesting facts, many of the dinner participants were surely baffled to learn that only 20 % of the current U.S. finance market is handled by traditional banks and that a much larger market share is using alternative financing.  Although the sector is not all as large in the Nordics, it is growing quickly. Magnus helpfully explained why, mainly that there is a mismatch between demand and supply of traditional bank credits (partly due to the increase of "non-traditional" business models and increased bank regulations).

The many participants in the chambre separée at Grodan - the event was virtually fully booked - learned a lot from Magnus' great presentation. Afterwards, subsequent to several initiated questions from the interested crowd, the event continued as a dinner with the event participants getting to know each other. Lots of interesting topics were discussed across the different tables. All in all, a great and educational TMA event in a nice dinner format, which will surely see a return within the coming event year.